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Sweet Sounds, Seattle DJ, Wedding DJ/Emcee, Ted Mase


When you sign with us, we'll send you our Google Doc. Timeline Template to help  create a timeline that works best for you. We're also hear to help with this if need be. On this form, you'll also give us a good idea

of what kind of music you like. You can have as much say, or as little, as you want in your music. 

Listed below are the top songs across the country as of right now. There are also suggestions for those special events songs to help if you get stuck.  Sounds funny, but don't forget those DO NOT PLAY songs too. 




The timelines below are from actual weddings and are meant to give you an idea of how the events at a wedding should flow and how long they usually take. We're always here to answer your questions for your specific needs and can make suggestions on what works best from our experience.


Remember, this is done on our template that we'll send you. It's very easy, you just need to know what you want your celebration to look and feel like.  


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